Khanapara Teer Result Live

Hello friends, we are going to discuss hare about KHANAPARA TEER RESULT LIVE LIST today. We are discuss hare about khanapara target number, khanapara dream number list, khanapara previous number. Lets start hare khanapara khela teer result with live update. We daily update live F/R (first round) and S/R (second round) result.



Khanapara Teer Result Previous list

Friends we provide a list of previous number, which help you to play this game. in this list people see last day result and they guess that which number come today. Pobably you know that sometimes lod teer result can help you to win a teer game. Friends if you track khanapara previous months list than you will able to predict the teer number


Friends we understand your confusing throughts what to search in google . we wants to clear that all this has the same value. So we will provide you every answers of khanapara teer game. Friends do not feel sad if you loose the game. Lets take a chance and you will try next time. We will give you previous result list.


khanapara teer result live

FRIENDS we decided to review this topic hare. SoTthat your mind could easily distinguish both topics. There is no sure numbers or making number of khanapara teer result.

Khanapara Teer Dream Number

Today we are high light khanapara teer dream number. which play cheif role in teer result game. The dreams can make you rich ! Mybe you had a dream which is a signal for choosing a right teer number for live today. khanapara dream number result list is actually the number that you assume by dream that you saw last night. accoding the dream result you can guess teer number.

your last night dream will not only sybolize wining number. it might be house number or ending number. so its depend you if play cleverly, you will win teer game. on this site we update daily khanapara teer dream number result list and we provide full list of dream number.

Hit Number

Friend we provide hit numbers of KHANAPARA TEER RESULT LIST. In the box you can easily check our today hit numbers list. Friend we can not give any guarntee of playing such numbers in our site. but people still form all over india have a good review over this numbers. so play at your risk.

Khanapara Teer Result Live Timing

Tere are a large number of authoried teer betting counters oprational over the state. Every morning the teer result betting are start from 10 am to 3.30 PM. People put down their bet on numbers going from 0 to 99. at 3.30 PM, the session of archery starts where archers shoot arrows.

The result are for the FR are announced at 3:45 PM and SR 4:15 PM. A people can win 80 rupee for every 1 rupee on a number in FR and 60 rupee for every 1 rupee on a SR. assam teer result games played every day except on sunday.

How khanapara teer is played?

The teer game is consist of 2 rounds. Everyday, various groups of archers come at the shooting ground to play the game. but only 3 groups are selected. each group must have twenty archers to be selected to shoot in a limited period of time. For each round around 1000 arrows were allowed to hit the target. sometimes they jit and sometimes they miss. total 50-60 archers takes part in arrow shooting. After a limited amount of time the arrow shooting is stopped by the KHANAPARA TEER RESULT.

Now the total numbers of arrows that hit the target are counted. If the total target arrows number is 412 then the last two number will be declared as teer result. then the result of teer game will be 12 for FR. people who choose the number before the game, they will winner and they have to contact teer counter for recive their prize money and the same process is repeated for the SR also. the first round game of khanapara teer is played in between 07:00 to 07:15 PM and second round game is played in between 08:00 to 08:15 PM. Teer game don’t play holidays or sunday.

Khanapara Vs Guwahati Teer

Friends we respect your feeling so we decided to review this topic once more hare. so you could easily distinguish both the topics. Teer players from Guwahati play this game and they reffered / called them as”Ghy Teer Result”. There is no sure numbers or making number. We will also alert our users no to accept any kind of numbers if anyone fake callers call you from our side. We only provides a KHANAPARA TEER RESULT LIVE today.

khanapara teer target number

khanapara teer common number consists of two digits. the range of khanapara teer is from 00 to 99. Player can predict the future teer number using the previous or old teer results. player solve some mathematical calculation for teer number and get result. We will explaine more details about teer target number.

We provide a full list of TEER RESULT. our site help you to play this game Previous teer results are help you to play this game. you can easily download hare all the teer number and list.

How to find Khanapara Teer Target number?

Teer formula is a trick for playing teer game, its result depand on previous result. Take yesterday’s data : for example in teer, if the 1 st round result number is 72 and 2nd round result is 15. check your target number.

Step-1 : Take first digit of 1st round = 7
Step-2 : Take last digit of 2nd round = 5
Step-3 : Now do addition of both (7+5) = 12
Step-4 : Do addition (1+2) = 3 <This is first Number
Step-5 : Take last digit from 1st round = 2
Step-6 : Take first digit of 2nd round = 1
Step-7 : Now do assition of both (2+1) = 3 <This is Second Number
Step-8 : So Now 33 is the target number

Histroy Of Khanapara Teer Result Live game

No one knows the the actual history of this game. people only know this game started in the early years of the 20th century by people of meghalaya and they played this game. people said that in the 20th century when the english army attacked meghalaya, and they fight with arrows from them.

The Khanapara teer games was legalised in 1982 when the government relised that it could be a decent source of income. Meghalaya government controlled all betting gamesin the state. It is controlled under meghalaya amusements and betting tax (amendment) act 1982.


For a considerble length of time, teer player has been conventional game played by meghalaya. The betting on these games is start arround mid-twentieth century. But on that time it is not legal game. teer gameswas prohibited by the government.

Friend thanks for reading this article on this topic so do not feel sad if you loose the game. As because you know “Luck By Chance”. So don’t feel sad. So be polite and have complete patience to play this game.We also provide KHANAPARA TEER RESULT LIVE on fb 2020 for teer players. we declear teer result on fb, players who suscibe teer result page on fb, they get teer result live